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[Book review] Never Stop Walking: A Memoir of Finding Home Across the World by Christina Rickardsson


Never Stop Walking: A Memoir of Finding Home Across the World by Christina Rickardsson
Series: N/A
Genres: Nonfiction, Autobiography
Publication: June 1st, 2018 by AmazonCrossing
Length: 249 pages
Format: E-Book
Source: Purchase


Synopsis: Christiana Mara Coelho was born into extreme poverty in Brazil. After spending the first seven years of her life with her loving mother in the forest caves outside São Paulo and then on the city streets, where they begged for food, she and her younger brother were suddenly put up for adoption. When one door closed on the only life Christiana had ever known and on the woman who protected her with all her heart, a new one opened.

As Christina Rickardsson, she’s raised by caring adoptive parents in Sweden, far from the despairing favelas of her childhood. Accomplished and outwardly “normal,” Christina is also filled with rage over what she’s lost and having to adapt to a new reality while struggling with the traumas of her youth. When her world falls apart again as an adult, Christina returns to Brazil to finally confront her past and unlock the truth of what really happened to Christiana Mara Coelho.

A memoir of two selves, Never Stop Walking is the moving story of the profound love between families and one woman’s journey from grief and loss, to survival and self-discovery.


Review: Never Stop Walking is a really heartbreaking story. It made me stop and think about how fortunate some of us are to live in peaceful places, how most people take basic necessities for granted.

Christina opened up and sent across a message, one that I’m sure some people will understand. She talks about how conditions we live in can change us, but while reading Never Stop Walking and while thinking about my own past experiences I found that it goes deeper than that. We also become who we are because of people around us. Sometimes it’s not our circumstances that shape us, but how others view those circumstances.


This memoir is heavily based on childhood memories of a grown woman. While many people don’t remember their childhood well, many others have traumatic memories that just won’t go away. I think the book has a little weird flow because it’s difficult to link these little scraps of memories together sometimes.

I think Christina is very much right about what people need to survive difficult times. And I’m not talking here about surviving just for the sake of not dying, but about remaining human, feeling emotions. This cannot be done without people around us.


Christina has a mother who in the worst of circumstances made sure that she is well behaved. The word has seen examples of many, many cases where parents lead their children in the opposite direction, into thinking that they are the kings of the world and don’t have to know how to be a part of society. Sometimes it’s because people think they were not given enough.

Never Stop Walking is definitely worth reading. I would recommend reading the afterword as well, which links Christina’s story to the more current state of affairs in the world.

Review: 5  /  5

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