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Bloodshed – [Review] Sky Key by James Frey

I was struggling to write this review. After reading “Sky Key” by James Frey I really wanted to find more words in my mind that would describe the book in a better light, but it’s been few days and I cannot find any more words.


The paperback copy of “Sky Key” that I could find in my local library is nearly 500 pages long. Taking into account a few pictures and other fillers, I would say that it is an honest 450 pages of solid writing.

“Sky Key” is a story about a cruel game in which teenagers from different families fight to find a series of items. When I initially started reading the book I thought that I didn’t understand the game properly, but after a while, I realized that there is just nothing to understand. I found the game pointless. Of course, there are many books in which characters are involved in pointless scenarios, which they cannot influence. I turned to look for a character that I would like.


Unfortunately, this search turned to be pointless for me as well. There are several characters in this story. If I had to choose my favorite, I would say it was Jago, since his character was actually relatable. This doesn’t mean that I was swept off my feet, quite the contrary. I found it disappointing that the characters didn’t seem to develop at all within such a long book.


I can give this book some points for the design of the world in which the characters live. I can see that a lot of thought went into creating the game itself as well. I just didn’t feel that there was any point in the game or that the characters were developing. The whole idea behind the game is to avoid the end of the world, but there just aren’t any good options. Now, I don’t have anything against characters being placed in situations where everyone seems to be doomed, but I failed to see why any of those players would actually play along. They didn’t seem particularly devoted to a goal, it felt more as if they were just hunting each other on autopilot. Which in turn makes me question why families with hundreds of years of tradition would train them to fight when there was a peaceful solution to the issue.


Rating: 1 / 5

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